Serving others is a hassle. (But worth it).

One of the most striking things about studying the ministry of Jesus in the Gospels, is the fact that Jesus deeply cared for building relationships and serving others. Early in the Gospel of John, we see one of countless examples of this fact. Two disciples of John the Baptist decide to follow Jesus, based on the testimony of John the Baptist. When they ask Jesus where he is staying, Jesus tells Andrew and John to “come and you will see. So they came and they stayed with him that day.” John 1:39. Jesus took the time to get to know them, and hang out with them.

Jesus repeats this pattern many times in His earthly ministry. He did not have to do it this way. He had the authority to proclaim truth to people and keep a safe distance between Himself and their problems. Christ’s example in serving and investing in the lives of people is one Christians should follow today. We live in a time where people want to know that you care about them before they listen to what you have to say. This is not always easy or comfortable, but well worth the investment.

For most of us, the primary cost of reaching others is that it entangles us in the concerns and activities of their lives it encroaches upon our independence. It adds details to our overloaded schedules. Simply stated, it complicates our already complicated lives.

But so does getting married. And having children. And buying a house. And for that matter, becoming a Christian. Think about it. All of these areas require time, effort, learning, some risk and, without question, a fair share of money. Most of the things that are important complicate our lives. But are they worth it? Of course they are!

Ask any new mother whether her baby requires time and energy, and she’ll probably dare you to try to keeping pace with her for just one day and night. When she’s not feeding, holding, or bathing her baby, you’ll probably find her reading books about parenting, because the learning process never ends. And don’t even bring up the subject of money! She will drag out bills to show you the high cost of everything from formula, to pajamas with feet, to Pampers.

But then inquire whether; in light of all of these costs, she regrets having the baby. “Are you crazy?” she’d ask. “Having this baby has been one of the highlights of my life.”(From Becoming a Contagious Chirstian, by Bill Hybels, page 37-38.)


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