Passionate Faith

Somewhere along the road of Christian history, it seems to me, many people have equated Christian faith with the suppression of passion. Maybe I am the only one who thinks this. The subtle message that many people come to advocate is that “proper” worship of God should be very careful and reserved. Our lives should be marked by a certain degree of stoicism.

Being passionate is not a bad thing. It is how we are wired. We are driven and inspired by passion. We need to fight the urge to settle into a type “spiritual despondency,” or apathy. The secret is not to eliminate passion, but to be passionate about the things that God is passionate about. Only then can our passions bring joy to our lives. Here is an excerpt from an awesome book, I have bee reading.

The goal of the Christian journey cannot be the elimination of desire and passion since the Scriptures teach that God created us in His image and likeness, and a part of this reflection of God is a heart designed for passionate living. It has never been God’s intention to move us toward apathetic living. He desires that we live passionate lives in Him. Rather than eliminate our passions, He intends to overwhelm them with new passions. The furnace of our passions is our character, and while evil character burns hot for destructive passions that consume and destroy, the character of God ignites passion for what is good and true. Our quest is to have God’s character formed in us so that His passions might burn in us. (Erwin McManus Uprising. A Revolution of the Soul.)


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